New Designs from The Trilogy

We have updated The Trilogy designs to include all of these new pieces that were released from November 2014 through January 2015!

Happy Nativity Nativity Day TR1247
Happy Nativity Nativity Day TR1247

Holiday Reminder: Dream TR1248
Holiday Reminder: Dream TR1248

Holiday Reminder: Believe TR1249
Holiday Reminder: Believe TR1249

Daily Reminder: Abundantly Blessed TR1250
Daily Reminder: Abundantly Blessed TR1250

Giggly Wigglies - Snowmen TR1251
Giggly Wigglies - Snowmen TR1251

Giggly Wigglies - Penguins TR1252
Giggly Wigglies - Penguins TR1252

Tin Frames

Effective November 2013, our tin frames are no longer being produced. We will keep our page on our site as long as we know that shops have any stock available. There are a limited number of frames available to retail shops through Twisted Threads and Norden Crafts.

A huge thank you to Ted Borger, our tinsmith, for fourteen amazing years!

Three NEW Designs from The Trilogy!

We are shipping these three new designs to our automatic shops and distributors today!

Secret Haunting
Secret Haunting TR252 is a kit that includes the linen and bat button!

It's a Beautiful Day {everyday}
It’s a Beautiful Day {everyday} TR1235
This is the second of three designs in a new series, and they can be stitched alone or together.
The embellishments are included with the chart.

Happy Black Black Cat Day
Happy Black Black Cat Day TR1236

The three star embellishments are included with the chart.

New Designs from The Trilogy

Two new designs from The Trilogy!

Nice to Meet You {everyday} TR1234
This is the first of three designs in a new series, and they can be stitched alone or together.
The embellishments are included with the chart.

Liberty2 (squared) TR1233
The embellishments are included with the chart.

Celebrating 20 Years!

Twisted Threads opened the doors to our retail shop 20 years ago, on May 8, 1993.

It has been the dream of my life to bring stitchers together to be creative, share their passion, and become friends. I love what I do, and just wanted to say thank you to everyone that continues to be part of Twisted Threads and our journey.

Thank you to the women who were part of the retail store in Madeira - Stasi, Pam, Marcia, Brennie, Tracie, Mary, and everyone that worked in our shop. Thank you to every stitcher who walked through our doors and became a friend! Thanks for hanging out with us, with both laughter and tears.

And, thank you to every one who has ever purchased one of our designs, as well as our distributors, and all of the shop that sell our designs.

I am more than blessed,

Updating our Website

We are making so many exciting new changes to our website, that I can hardly sleep at night and am so excited to awaken in the morning to work on it again! We are making it much easier to navigate with more images, and keeping all of the important tabs on the side for quick access to your favorite places on our site.

We are still adding to our alphabetical design listing, which includes all of our companies: Twisted Threads, Ewe and Eye and Friends, and The Trilogy. As of today, we are through the letter N!

The category listing will continue to grow, and it also includes all of our companies!

And, we will continue to add stitch diagrams that are used in our designs.

I hope that you like the changes!
Thank you for your support,

Stitch Diagrams

We have always had a few stitch diagrams on our website, but in the upcoming months will expand this library of stitches in a new page! Check out our Stitch Diagrams!

St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate March with one of our designs perfect for the Irish in ye!

Irish Blessing RS62
Irish Blessing RS62

happy jig jig small
Happy Jig Jig Day
includes charm

New Alphabetical Listing

We are excited about a new page in progress on our website!

Twisted Threads is creating an alphabetical listing of every design, including Twisted Threads, Ewe and Eye and Friends, The Trilogy, Listen Honey, Friends of Mine, Tall Guys, Fried Green Tomatoes, Tatters and Spats, Brushstrokes, and Weathered Vanes. The list will include charts and kits!

Also, we would be thrilled if you would like us on Facebook!
Looking forward to an exciting 2013.

Let it Snow!

When we change designs on our home page, you can always click on them to take you directly to the page they are listed on our website with more details!

Snowman's Wish
Snowman’s Wish EEF443

Snowboy FG03

Snowy Night
Snowy Night TR102

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

Christmas Designs

We have changed the Christmas designs on our home page!
Joy to the World
Joy to the World RS31

Calendar - December
Calendar - December EEF253-12

Christmas Lineup
Christmas Lineup TR182

Ewe and Eye and Friends Christmas Designs

We have added a few of our favorite Ewe and Eye and Friends Christmas designs to our home page!
Christmas House Sampler EEF250
Christmas House Sampler - EEF250

Good Yule EEF334
Good Yule - EEF334

Christmas Sock EEF214
Christmas Sock - EEF214

Ask your favorite needlework shop to order these designs for you!
May you all enjoy the spirit and love of the holiday seasons.

Trilogy Bauble Designs

Did you miss these darling Bauble designs?

Each design is 40 x 40 and quick to stitch.

Bauble - Bernice the Snowgirl
Bauble - Bernice the Snowgirl

Bauble - Buddy the Drummer Boy
Bauble - Buddy the Drummer Boy

Bauble - Nicky Santa
Bauble - Nicky Santa

Black Sheep Redeux Books

We are working to update our entire site, but want to introduce you to our two new books from Ewe and Eye and Friends!

All of the original Black Sheep designs by Ewe and Eye and Friends were created by the talented Barbara Stark and Kam Snyder. In 2005, Ruth Sparrow and Twisted Threads became the owner of Ewe and Eye and Friends. In 2011, Pam Douda and Kim Propst, of Tomorrow’s Heirlooms, partnered with Ruth to give these designs a fresh new look, updating the linen, fibers and embellishments. It has become a project of friendship and joy!

Black Sheep Redeux - Book 1
12-page booklet
contains 8 designs:
Chocolate Hare Redeux
Love Ewe Redeux
Twilight Frosty Redeux
Summer House Redeux
Autumn Leaf Redeux
Summer Coneflower Redeux
Christmas Cracker Redeux
Trick or Treat Redeux
Uses Accessories Pack EEF-A1001

Black Sheep Redeux - Book 2
12-page booklet
contains 8 designs:
Witch's Night Out Redeux
Believe in Love Redeux
Turkey Hill Farm Redeux
Keeper of the Bees Redeux
Doodle Bugs Redeux
Rosecup Redeux
Winter Bird Redeux
Heart House Redeux
Uses Accessories Pack EEF-A1002

Two New Trilogy Designs!

We have been doing Happy ----,---- Day designs for years now, and this is one of the cutest!

happy home home day
Happy Home Home Day TR181

The Line Up series is one of our most popular and includes this new one:

patriotic lineup
Patriotic Line Up TR 180
Uses our Trilogy Trinket: Circle Start TR309

Other designs in our Line Up series:
Autumn Line Up
Winter Line Up
Spring Line Up
Summer Line Up
Halloween Line Up
Easter Line Up
Zoo Line Up

New Designs from The Trilogy

Well, it has certainly taken me long enough to get these designs up on the site!

We have two new designs in a new series: Our Family of Snow. These were inspired from our Trilogy work retreat in Chicago!
Aunt Ethel TR179
Aunt Ethel TR179
Uses our Birds O' Plenty Buttons TR302

Cousin Wrigley TR178
Cousin Wrigley TR178
Use our Snowball Buttons TR315

This design completes the four seasonal houses that can be stitched individually or as a grouping!
Winter House TR176
Winter House TR176
Use our Snowball Buttons TR315

Zoo Line Up TR177
Zoo Line Up TR177
Uses our Bird Trinket TR307

Tin Frame Mounting Directions

We have had so many requests for directions on mounting needlework for our tin frames, that we have added a pdf file in our missives section! Even though this document illustrates mounting in our 1" x 3" frame, it works for any of our tin frames! Our frames are available through your local needlearts shop! Please check our shop listing for a retail shop in your area. Most of them have websites, email, and toll-free numbers. If they do not have our frames in stock, they will be glad to order them for you!

New Designs from The Trilogy

Here are the three newest designs from The Trilogy:

Halloween Lineup TR174
This design uses our Jack Trinket TR320

Autumn House TR173
This design uses our Autumn Buttons TR325

Pet Spots TR175
This design uses our new Bone Trinket TR327

Model Sale for Shop Owners

Dear Shop Owners,

We are having an incredible model sale for Ewe and Eye and Friends and Twisted Threads! We have nearly 500 models for sale!

This is NOT your typical sale. We know that models sell charts, so we are including FREE charts for each model purchased. Why? I still have been unable to finish moving because there simply is not enough space. And frankly, it seems a shame that all these models are packed away, when they could be in your shop selling charts!

Just send me an email and we will be delighted to send you the list! None of these designs will be discontinued!

Inquiries must be from qualified shop owners!

Many thanks and hope you have all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Three new designs from The Trilogy and a new addition!

Before we show you the new designs from The Trilogy, you must meet the newest addition to the Newlin family - Sophia Jo Yi Newlin! She is truly a gift from God. Congratulations to Elizabeth, Michael, Ali, Matt and Maggie!
newlinsinchina sophia

We had so much fun creating these new designs for you!

Secret Vegetable Garden
Secret Vegetable Garden TR234

Summer House
Summer House TR171
This design uses our Meadow Flower Buttons!

Vacation Spots
Vacation Spots TR172
This design uses our new Passport Trinket TR326

Passport Trinket

New address and phone numbers for shops

Dear shopowners,

If you have not received my email on our new address, phone and fax numbers, please contact us and we will be glad to send you this information.

Here is a picture of my brother Joe and me taken in 1961!

Joe and Ruth

The website is updated!

Hooray! We have finished updating the Ewe and Eye and Friends designs, the tin frames and our shop listings! It is certainly exciting to have a current list of shops. We encourage you to contact these shops, visit them in person, check out their incredible websites and place your orders directly through them. Enjoy the site!

Take a look at all that is new!

Thank you to everyone for all your good wishes, as it took 4 weeks to kick the pneumonia. Hooray! I am finally getting my strength back and feeling great! We are catching up on orders as quickly as we can.

I have been working on the website, adding images and descriptions for Ewe and Eye and Friends. It is a long process, but I have finished the letter C! Keep reading our news section to see all of the new designs from Twisted Threads, Ewe and Eye and Friends and The Trilogy. We wanted to make sure you see what we have been designing.

We will be adding more of our favorite shops to our shop locator, including websites, emails and toll-free numbers.

New designs from The Trilogy!

All of us are proud of these new designs that have been released already this year!

Happy Snow Snow Day TR165
Happy Snow Snow Day TR165

Check It Out: Ode To Snow TR166
Check It Out: Ode To Snow TR166

Easter Lineup TR167
Easter Lineup TR167
with our Oval Posy Trinket TR324

Spring House TR168
Spring House TR168
with our Birds O' Plenty buttons TR302

Happy Mom Mom Day TR169
Happy Mom Mom Day TR169
with our Flower Trinket TR321

Happy Dad Dad Day
Happy Dad Dad Day TR170
with our Circle Star Trinket TR309

Secret Egg Hunt TR232
Secret Egg Hunt TR232

Flower Power TR233
Flower Power TR233

Three new designs from Ewe & Eye & Friends!

We are excited about the new Ewe & Eye & Friends that were released in February!
Easter Hare EEF568
Easter Hare EEF568

Follow Your Heart EEF566
Follow Your Heart EEF566

Three Pink Posies EEF567
Three Pink Posies EEF567

Gingham Girlfriends

Gingham Girlfriends RS90
Gingham Girlfriends is now available!

Nashville Needlework Market

The 2007 Nashville Needlework Market is quickly approaching! I am always thrilled to see all of the wonderful shop owners, designers, distributors and manufacturers. This show is open to the trade only. Stitchers, check with your local needle arts shop to see if they will be attending!

Twisted Threads will be located in Room 416 and The Trilogy will be in Room 414. The new designs that will make their debut at this show will not be posted to our website until after we return from the show. We want the shops attending to be the very first to see our new designs! We have some awesome surprises planned! Shops on our automatic program definitely need to plan on stopping by our room!

New Website Design

What a fabulous way to end the year and start out 2007 with a new website! We have created a new and refreshing look that will be incredibly easy to navigate. In the near future, you will see all of the nearly 500 designs of Ewe and Eye and Friends, 100 designs from The Trilogy and new designs that will be available to shops in February!

Please let us know if you want to join our email list for updates on all that is new! Shopowners – Please include your shop name with city and state – and we promise that you will be the first to get the news!!

Thank you to everyone for supporting our designs since 1993! We look forward to many more years of fun!